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About Speech Language Pathology

Speech language pathologists deal with disorders that involve communication. As such, focuses include speech, language, fluency, cognition, swallowing, voicing, and more. These difficulties can present at any time throughout an individual's life. For example, elderly stroke victims make begin slurring words, or a young four year old may have difficulty forming the r sound. As such, SLPs have many different potential workplaces available, including schools and hospitals.

SLPs must develop a treatment plan for their clients according to the specific disorder related to speech or language. Once they begin implementing this plan, speech language pathologists must keep close track of the progress observed. Speech therapists, as they are sometimes called, also work with families of the affected individual, to assist with exercises or homework that may be a required form of treatment. Lastly, SLPs also usually collaborate with a health care or educational team to provide treatment goals and updates during the process.